99 Eco-Friendly

At the 99¢ Only Stores, we are committed to being The Right Store… Now More Than Ever! We are also committed to recycling and reusing materials to promote better environmental stewardship. As part of our “Reverse Logistics” program, our goal is to recycle and reuse what we can.

Recycle what we can.

Cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, plastic bags and metal fixtures are recycled and used to make new products. The 99¢ Only Stores chain is considered a major cardboard recycler in the United States.

Reuse what we can.

Wooden pallets, plastic produce crates and bread trays are returned by the stores using our “Reverse Logistics” program. Our distribution center and vendors are then able to reuse for future deliveries.

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Reduce Plastic Toxic Waste.

Some local municipalities have adopted an ordinance that prohibits the distribution of plastic carryout bags by retailers at certain stores and requires them to charge ten cents (10¢) for each paper bag provided to a customer.   The reduction of plastic carryout  bags may:  

  • Reduce litter in our neighborhoods
  • Reduce plastic debris in our waterways and stormdrains
  • Reduce waste transported to landfills

Did you know that?

  • Californians consume over 600 plastic bags every second.
  • Less than 4 percent of all plastic bags are recycled.
  • Plastic breaks down into toxic bits that take centuries to decompose.
  • 14 million trees are used each year to produce paper bags in the US.
  • It takes 4 times more energy to produce a paper versus a plastic bag.
  • It takes 10 times more energy to recycle paper versus plastic.

99¢ Only Stores when required by local ordinance will:

  • Remind customers that plastic bags are no longer available and that a 10¢ fee will be charged for each paper bag.
  • Encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags next time they shop and thank the ones that do.
  • Place register signs and in-store posters in prominent places for customers to read.
  • Place bag reminder signs near entrance doors
  • Provide customers purchasing food with WIC and CalFresh a paper bag at no cost at checkout.

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