99 Cent Store Locator

We’ve received 10 plus emails in the last couple of weeks asking the same 3 questions, so we’re addressing these questions for everyone on the new interactive Blog 99.  We always welcome your comments, questions, tips, stories, crafts and recipes on the blog, facebook or email at jb@99only.com.


  1. How do I find the 99¢ Only Stores closest to my home and work?  
  2. Where can I get a store phone number?
  3. What are the hours of operation?


99¢ Only Stores provide a comprehensive Store Locator on the web site http://www.99only.com.  Initiate the locator with a zip code and a click.  A new screen appears with the result of the search, sort able by name, address, city, zip code or distance. 


Each page displays 8 found locations with store name, address, cross street, distance in miles from zip entered, a "view map" button and another button "more info".


Click on "View Map" land on a map of the store via Google Maps.  Turn by turn instructions are easy to get by adding a start location. Map and directions are printable from this screen.


Click on "More Info" land on an overview page that lists store name, address, cross street, distance in miles, store phone number and a Google map.  Options on the page are Go Back, Start Over or print the page.


And last 99¢ Only Stores hours are: California, Nevada and Texas stores 8am-9pm.  And all the Arizona store hours are 8am – 10pm.


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